Obama snuck Biden into Minneapolis for late-night pillow talk

Obama snuck Biden into Minneapolis for late-night pillow talk

The New Yorker has a great piece on Sen. Joe Biden and how Barack Obama chose him as his running mate. Apparently this involved an ultra-secret late-night pillow talk between the two at the Minneapolis Graves Hotel to hammer out some agreements before the deal was official.

We can picture it now. Dimmed lights, curtains drawn, both cuddled up snug in their plush beds. There's no better way to get to know your second in command.

Read the details below.

Here is an excerpt from the New Yorker piece:

On August 6th, Biden said, the Obama campaign “smuggled” him into Minneapolis, where Obama was campaigning, and the two senators stayed up late in a suite at the Graves 601 Hotel working out the details of a potential deal. Obama told Biden that the vetting had gone well—Biden assured me that it was “very complimentary.” Biden happens to be one of the least wealthy members of the Senate, although his family’s joint income was more than three hundred thousand dollars last year. (His wife, Jill, has a Ph.D. in education and teaches at Delaware Technical & Community College.) His relatively straightforward tax returns and uncomplicated financial situation made the process easier. “All these years and you still have no money,” Obama said to Biden, teasingly.

The conversation in Minneapolis ranged from foreign policy and possible appointments to the federal courts to the legislative strategy that would be needed to pass an Obama agenda.

We're guessing Biden left the best details to our imagination.

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