'Obama naked on a unicorn' painting makes perfect holiday gift

Everyone has that weird relative that no one can buy for. Well, we've found the perfect gift to solve all your problems. If you attended Barack Obama's victory speech at the Xcel Energy Center this summer, you might have seen these prints on sale, but now is your chance to buy a couple more copies for the family. 

What says classy better than a buff naked future president galloping to victory on such a majestic creature? If only Obama gets some ideas for his inauguration, all of our dreams will come true.

The painting was created by Dan Lacey, a local artist known for painting people with pancakes on their heads. Lacey's blog, Faith Mouse, won the CP Best Locally Generated Blog (Right-Wing) in 2007

The painting went viral last week so the prints could be in short supply. If you are still interested in this gem, check out his site to purchase your own copy. It's only $20 for an 11x17 print. What a steal!