Obama is so great, everyone wants to name schools after him


President Obama hasn't even finished his third month in office, but Obamamania is still going strong from election season. He could end up an embarrassment of a president, but who even cares? It's Obama!

A St. Paul school is considering a name change in honor of the President and First Lady. Schools in New York, California, and New Jersey have already been renamed in honor of Obama.

Webster Magnet Elementary in St. Paul will likely have a vote this month to decide on their new school name: Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary or Webster Service Learning Elementary.

The school says they are considering the change to Obama because their school has a heavy emphasis on community service and the Obamas are strong advocates. The school has about 500 African-American students, which is a total of 74 percent of the student body.

But not everyone is jazzed up about Obama. Should we really start naming a bunch of buildings after people who are still alive?

From the Pioneer Press:

The board's lone Republican said Thursday he would oppose giving up the name Webster -- which Simon said might have come from the statesman Daniel Webster -- but not because the new name would honor a sitting Democrat.

"I wouldn't favor renaming it for anyone, not specifically Obama," said school board member Tom Conlon. "I can't think of any precedent where we named it after a living politician."

"It's always problematic with living people," he said. "I think it's just a dangerous precedent to go down."