Obama grants presidential pardon to hooky-playing Minnesota fifth-grader

Obama giving wide-eyed Tyler his presidential pardon.
Obama giving wide-eyed Tyler his presidential pardon.

After receiving a presidential pardon from Barack Obama, Rochester fifth-grader Tyler Sullivan has a story to tell friends and family for the rest of his life.

Sullivan skipped school Friday to take in the president's address at the Honeywell facility in Chanhassen. His dad gave Obama's official introduction, meaning little Tyler was able to score a pretty sweet front-row spot.

After wrapping up his remarks, the president made his way over to Tyler, observed that he "must be missing school," and then wrote a personal excuse note to Mr. Ackerman, Tyler's fifth-grade teacher.

The note says: "Mr. Ackerman, Please excuse Tyler. He was with me. Barack Obama."

"I was like, 'really?!," Tyler told KARE 11. "I kind of want to brag at school and say, 'look what I got!'"

Will Republicans feign outrage about the president contributing to the decay of Minnesota public schools? Stay tuned.

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