Obama brings Midwestern winter toughness to the Capitol


Hey D.C. residents. It's winter! Suck it up. At least that's the attitude our new president is bringing to the White House.

President Barack Obama just moved from Chicago after all; a city that doesn't stop for anything. Winds so strong you can't walk straight didn't seem to even make people twitch last winter. Not to mention snow so deep you could barely walk and roads that stayed covered in ice and snow for days.

And D.C. is crying over a little ice? All of us back here in the Midwest could teach that city a little bit about winter.

President Obama poked fun at the schools and school districts in Washington, D.C. and surrounding cities that declared today a snow day, according to the Washington Post.

"Because of what?" he asked. "Some ice?"

Many suburban school systems were closed today, and District schools delayed opening because of last night's freezing rain, which coated cars and roads with a thick gloss of ice. Private schools, including Sidwell, tend to follow the lead of public schools in school delays or closures. Sidwell has campuses in Bethesda and Northwest Washington.

It's a common sentiment among parents from up North or out West -- the Obamas, of course, just moved from Chicago -- that schools around Washington close for weather that would barely register in the snow belt.

"We had extreme, icy conditions on our roadways today," said Steve Simon, spokesman for the 139,000-student Montgomery County schools, whose charges have now enjoyed two snow days on the heels of a three-day weekend. "The sidewalks are just treacherous. We could have had so many injuries."

We can't even remember the last time Minneapolis declared a snow day. Well, we know when we declared our own snow days, but that's another story. And also ages us because we actually remember being in school still.

Bundle up and get over it, D.C. You've got a real Midwesterner in the White House. Nothing wrong with a little slipping and sliding on the way to school. Actually, we are just kidding. Snow days are awesome and we wouldn't want any kid to miss out because the prez makes a little joke.