Oakdale driver pulled over while under the influence of McDonald's

Don't love it while behind the wheel, kids.
Don't love it while behind the wheel, kids.
Image by Tatiana Craine

A driver recently spotted swerving his car erratically on Greeley Street in Stillwater wasn't drunk, high, or on bath salts. But he was under the influence -- of Ronald McDonald.

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After an officer watched a truck cross the centerline, a 19-year-old Oakdale man told police he was all over the road because he was preoccupied chowing McDonald's.

Stillwater Patch notes that "police did not notice any signs of impairment," so they gave the driver a warning and let him be on his way.

With one offense under his belt, we have to wonder -- a couple more, and maybe the guy should have to get "BIG MAC" plates?

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