NYT recaps all the crazy things Bachmann says


The New York Times has finally realized that Rep. Michele Bachmann is worth talking about. Except they don't call her out for saying totally ridiculous things. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned straight talk recap of a person's false claims.

Bachmann was featured in two stories in the NYT, one about her crazy statements and another about Politifact fact checking everything she says.

On Capitol Hill, Ms. Bachmann is viewed with disdain by Democrats who see her as a wacky purveyor of outrageous claims and criticisms. Leading Republicans wince occasionally at her appearances on the floor and on television, but they also see her as someone with telegenic appeal who can energize conservatives and aggravate Democrats and they are not likely to rein her in.
If you're a long-time follower of Bachmann's words, you won't learn anything new. Just hide your head as the world is reminded that she comes from Minnesota. Read the main article and the fact check.