NYT on the Strib: Memo leakers will be "dealt with"

In the last few months, there has been a distinct uptick in the incidence of disgruntled Star Tribune staffers leaking internal memos to other media outlets. Much of this phenomenon is attributable to a concurrent increase in silly edicts imposed by the bosses at Portland Avenue. As Blotter reported on March 9, for instance, Strib management recently enacted a policy barring the paper's employees from helping themselves to free copies of the company product. In the wake of that decision, Strib VP Steve Alexander issued a subsequent and much derided memo decrying the continued problem of employee "pilferage" of the paper. Not surprisingly, that memo was also leaked (both to Blotter and the media gossip website, Romenesko).

According to today's New York Times, Strib bigwigs are quite dismayed by these leaks. So dimsayed, in fact, that they have vowed to hunt down and punish the leakers. Writes NY Times media columnist David Carr: "When the memo landed on Romenesko, the journalism site, the company, rather than realizing that it had stepped in something unwholesome, began telling employees that the leaker would be found out and dealt with."

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