NYC Hebrew school sparking debates similar to Minn. Arabic school

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

Less than a month after a Minnesota Arabic school was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union, a planned Hebrew school in New York City is causing similar debate. Supporters of the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School, which is scheduled to open this fall, continue to stress that the school will cater to call students, not just Jews. But should public schools focus on one particular culture?

The "smoking tub" of peanut butter 
Officials continue to search the state to ensure Minnesotans are safe as the peanut butter Salmonella outbreak continues to be a concern. A funny moment in the case: At a Minnesota House agriculture committee hearing Monday, the five-pound tub of peanut butter that solved the case (sealed in plastic of course) was passed around for officials to see. The tub came from a Brainerd nursing home. Leeann Johnson of the Agriculture Department told lawmakers it was the "smoking tub". Gross. 

After a man tried to help a stranger who couldn't get her car started Thursday, the vehicle jumped and pinned him against a wall. He is still in the hospital recovering from head injuries. "One of his first questions Friday was to ask who was going to be using his tickets for the Minnesota State University-Mankato hockey game against the Gophers." Call it classic Minnesota values. 

Students who attend schools without the cash to get them to a real autopsy (those lucky souls) get to watch one live through a video feed. The interactive activity allows the students to answer questions and determine the cause of death. That sounds much better than the high schoolers in Michigan who witnessed the autopsy of a former students and friend

A 17-year-old male student at Armstrong High School in Plymouth is suspected of bringing a gun to school. When he was brought into the office for questioning, he fled. Police caught the student after he was bit by a police dog.