NY Times joins chorus telling Coleman to concede


The chorus against Norm Coleman's never-ending appeal plans continues to grow. Add the Gray Lady to the mix and now we're really talking.

A New York Times editorial says it like it is: 'It's Over, Norm. O.K.?'

Unfortunately former Senator Coleman remains in denial, and his fellow Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is already looking for a way to wriggle out of his responsibility to certify the result.

On election night -- when he looked like the winner by a hair -- Mr. Coleman grandly warned of the cost of a recount for taxpayers and how Minnesotans would suffer if they were deprived of full Senate representation. Five months later, and now the official loser, Mr. Coleman seems willing to let Minnesotans pay any price to ensure his win and is taking his challenge to the State Supreme Court. Governor Pawlenty says that even if the Minnesota Supreme Court rules for Mr. Franken, he's not sure he will immediately provide his certification.

Surely it's time for Republicans to let reason and the votes prevail. Mr. Coleman's partisans in the Senate are clearly worried about a different count.

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