NY Post columnist: Playoff hero Stefon Diggs is a 'jerk' who's 'tough to root for'

AP/Jeff Roberson; NY Post

AP/Jeff Roberson; NY Post

A notorious sports writing troll stayed true to his brand on Friday. 

Described as a "race-baiting troll" by Deadspin, New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick has a horrendous history of "takes," including his recommendation that the Brooklyn Nets be renamed the "New York N------" and the time he ostensibly blamed Adrian Peterson for his son's death

Today's Mushnick column, while certainly less offensive, scores high marks for crotchety dumbness. Under the headline "Vikings' so-called hero finds new low in NFL celebration lunacy," Mushnick explains that wide receiver Stefon Diggs -- benevolent hero of the Vikes' walk-off playoff win Sunday against the New Orleans Saints -- is, in fact, a "jerk" who's guilty of "worthless self-aggrandizement."

Uh huh ...

Mushnick's laughable argument is threefold: 1) When Saints defensive back Marcus Williams whiffed on Diggs, we witnessed the lack of fundamentals that's ruining football, not a miracle play worthy of celebration; 2) Diggs -- who looked back to confirm the nearest Saint was 15-plus yards behind him -- risked the victory by showboating into the end zone; 3) Diggs' decision to stand "arms folded and with a self-satisfied scowl" is evidence of the supreme selfishness that makes him "tough to root for," Mushnick writes, never mind the fact his teammates sprinted to embrace him. All elements of Diggs' celebration reflect the "grimace-and-bear-it" nature of modern football, if we're to believe the Mush. 


Here's video proof of Diggs being an ego-crazed diva: 

Anyway, Vikings fans will continue to choose joy as the team prepares for next Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles. And Mushnick, history shows, will keep slumming it up as the D-list Skip Bayless of New York City.

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