NWA Flight Attendant SOL?

Pity Northwest's flight attendants--they just can't catch a break in the ongoing drama that is the airline's use of bankruptcy proceedings to undo itself of its burdensome agreements with its unions. For almost nine months the flight attendants have been working under court-imposed terms designed to give Northwest the $195 million in savings it has argued are necessary to allow it to fly out of bankruptcy proceedings a healthy company. A separate court order prohibits them from striking, and federal mediators insist they stay at the bargaining table.

With the end of the bankruptcy case in sight, now the flight attendants are under pressure to ink a new deal with the airline so that they can make the deadline for filing a claim to receive a chunk of the old Northwest along with other airline creditors awaiting the outcome of the case. The $182 million claim could be worth up to $18,000 per flight attendant, according to news reports.

Among the terms said to be on the table are severance packages for flight attendants who want to leave. Hmmm, wonder why anyone would want to give up the friendly skies....