Nursing aide diddles suicidal, morbidly obese resident

If there was a sex abuse allegation more puke-worthy this year, we can't really think of it. This is so far beyond wrong we have nothing else to say.

A male nursing aide at St. Louis Park's Westwood Health Care Center is charged with criminal abuse for allegedly sexually assaulting a resident who was suicidal and morbidly obese. The man has been fired.

The assaults happened more than once Feb. 10 in the woman's room. The employee, Peter M. Juma, 39, was suspended, then fired and then charged for his actions. A state report says he admitted to police that he sexually assaulted the woman.

More from the Star Tribune:

The resident told department investigators that she asked the suspect to stop the assault, which included kissing, fondling, digital penetration and attempted penile penetration.

The victim has lived at Westwood for more than three years. Due to her morbid obesity, "she requires staff assistance with many activities of daily living," according to the Health Department. While she has normal cognitive functions, the resident has "poor self-esteem, a history of self-injurious behavior (cutting herself) and a prior history of suicidal threats and attempts," the report said.

The suspect had worked at Westwood for about one year and was described by nursing managers as "a good nursing assistant" with a "happy-go-lucky, energetic" style. However, the managers said, he was known to roam out of his area of responsibility. The victim's room was not in his work area, the report said.