Number of Minnesota abortions continues to decline


Minnesota women had fewer abortions in 2008, marking the second-straight year of declining numbers. There were 12,948 abortions performed last year, down by 895 from 2007, according to a Minnesota Department of Health report. That number marks a decline among almost all ages of women and girls.

Minnesota saw a jump in abortions in 2006, but has been seeing a steady decline for almost 30 years. Our state peaked in 1980 with 19,028 abortions.

The only age group of women that had an increase in abortions were those 40 and older, according to the report.

So who is getting the most abortions? Here are some statistics:

  • About a third of all the state's abortions were performed on women ages 20 to 24.
  • Most were unmarried.
  • Less than one-third of the women were using contraceptives when they got pregnant.
  • One in seven were married.