NRSC video: Franken makes 60, America is screwed


Most people have realized by now that this magical "60" in the Senate doesn't mean a whole lot these days. Yes, the Democrats have a good advantage, but it doesn't mean Democrats can do whatever they want. Not every Democrat votes for every Democratic bill and certainly those leaning more center will be more careful about supporting bills because they know their vote could tip the scale. And that also means that Republicans never vote for Democratic bills, which is bunk.

Doesn't really matter to the Republicans. They want to make it clear that America is crumbling and it's all the fault of the Dems. More common sense: You can't turn around an economy this large in six months. Most of the problems America is dealing with are still correlated to Republican policy. Remember when our economy took a dive after Clinton left office? Republicans claimed it took years to see the effect of a past president and it was all his fault. This is all bunk.

Either way, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is pulling some online fear mongering with Al Franken's swearing-in today. The country is going to crumble in front of our eyes, they say.

Check out the video below.

Text from the video, which features "Angry Al". This footage was from a speech where Franken was imitating Paul Wellstone cheering on his son during a race.

It's finally here.

With 60 senators

The Democrats have total control

No checks. No balances.

Higher energy taxes? No debate.

Government-run health care? No debate.

More wasteful spending? No debate .

Eliminating the secret ballot? No debate.

Negotiating with terrorists? No debate.

They own everything.

And have no one to blame now.

Their taxes. Their record deficits. Their failed economy.

In 2010, you can hold them accountable.

Vote Republican. 2010.

The Democrats already called out the Republicans for distorting this footage to make it look like Franken is angry when he is really just telling a story about Wellstone: