NRSC says Franken's campaign trying to steal election


The National Republican Senatorial Committee is sending out requests for cash to help win Minnesota, Georgia and Alaska. They've jumped on the Sen. Norm Coleman bandwagon to continue blaming Franken for the recount and then for trying to steal the election. What is the point of smearing opponents now? It won't change anything! This just makes Republicans look like they feel threatened.

Read the letter below.

Here is the email (emphasis ours):

Friend --

Thanks to your critical support our Senate firewall held up against a tidal wave of liberal attack ads and the Obama Get-Out-The-Vote machine.

But the fight goes on ... as three Senate races have yet to be decided:

-Georgia's Senate race is headed for a December 2nd runoff. -Minnesota's Senate race (the race angry, liberal Al Franken is trying to win) is headed for a costly recount. Norm Coleman is leading, but Franken's lawyers are already crying foul. -Votes are still being counted in Alaska.

The liberals are mobilizing an army of lawyers in Minnesota and Alaska to try to steal these seats they could not win outright on Election Day. And is sure to add to the $217,741 they raised to help elect a Barack Obama rubberstamp.

We need your help to save Republican Senate seats in Minnesota, Alaska and to pay for a costly runoff election in Georgia.

Please donate $25 today to stop the liberals from gaining an unstoppable, filibuster-proof majority for Barack Obama.

Thanks for your support,

Senator John Ensign Chairman, National Republican Senatorial Committee

We shouldn't be shocked by the Republicans continuing immature dirty politics, but we are. This attitude won't win Republicans any respect in Congress and won't win elections. How many times do we have to say this? The state is going through standard procedure by doing a recount. Franken didn't demand it and he has no control over the recount.