NRA report contains fictional passage about a 2010 school shooting in Hastings

A new NRA report contains at least one passage of fiction.
A new NRA report contains at least one passage of fiction.

With so many mass shootings to pick from, you wouldn't think the National Rifle Association would need to make them up. But that's exactly what they did in their recently released 225-page school security plan.

The plan calls for every school to have an armed police officers, security guards, or staff member. It also cities the 2010 school shooting in Hastings to make a case that classroom windows should be done away with.

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But there's a small problem -- that 2010 Hastings school shooting never happened.

Here's what the NRA report says: "For example, in 2010 a 16-year-old attacker killed six people hiding in a locked classroom in Hastings Middle School in Minnesota by shooting and subsequently stepping through a tempered glass window that ran vertically alongside the classroom door."

But that's fiction. As the Pioneer Press reports, on April 5, 2010, an armed 8th grader broke through classroom windows at Hastings Middle School in an apparent attempt to shoot teachers, but no shots were fired because he loaded the wrong bullets into his gun.

The PiPress adds that the NRA might've simply confused the Hastings incident with the 2005 Red Lake shooting where 16-year-old Jeff Weise shot out a classroom window before killing eight people, including five students and himself.

Still, when making a recommendation as drastic as the abolition of classroom windows, you might want to do a little fact-checking before publishing that report.

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