Now where is that pesky convention again?

Apparently, everyone needs a little geography lesson now and then, even the fact checkers at the USA Today.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform recently surveyed hospitals in seven U.S. cities. “Lawmakers looked into hospitals' ability to deal with a sudden influx of victims in the five cities considered at highest risk for terrorist attack and in the two cities hosting this summer's political conventions…Denver and Minneapolis,” the newspaper reported.

The Committee found that the Hennepin County Medical Center does not have the capacity or space in the emergency room to handle a surge from a terrorist attack.

But, it seems only Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-“I’m so smart, I’m from St. Paul, the third most literate city in the country!) and the Associated Press noticed a glaring error in the Committee’s work.

They never investigated Regions Hospital in St. Paul, the designated first responder for an incident at the Convention Center.

Editors take note: McCollum corrected her colleagues in Congress last Wednesday, saying something to the likes of this.

The convention is in St. Paul, you morans.