Now we wait: Coleman appeal up to justices; who believes in him?


The Minnesota Supreme Court heard arguments this morning in Norm Coleman's appeal in his battle to overtake Al Franken's lead and win the U.S. Senate seat.

After each candidate's legal team took the stand for some grilling from the justices, it appears that Coleman got the short end of the stick. The justices had very pointed questions for his lawyer and appeared to be unsure that his team had sound arguments in the case.

And now we wait for a ruling. This case has finally come down to just five votes.

Talking Points Memo has some good recaps of each part of the arguments this morning. Check out their report on Coleman's team points to the justices, Franken's response, and Coleman's team response to wrap it up.

Coleman attended the hearing and spoke to reporters briefly. Check out the audio from Minnesota Public Radio:

MPR also interviewed Franken this weekend:

But perhaps the best post of the day comes from WCCO's Esme Murphy. She says she can't find a single independent expert that thinks Coleman will win this. She said she even asked the Colerman camp to provide her with experts that can back them up and they haven't passed anyone along. Does anyone believe in Coleman's crusade?