Note to Joe Biden: You're not on the campaign trail anymore


Poor Vice President-elect Joe Biden didn't seem to get the memo. Barack Obama won the White House. It's officially time to take a deep breath and turn the voice down, Mr. Biden. 

Although nearly a half-million people crammed into the space in front of the Lincoln Memorial specifically to cheer on their next president and vice president, Biden got more laughs and hilarious commentary than a round of applause. The guy is still just too excited about the job.

Watch a video of his speech here:

When Biden took the stage, the crowd in front of the Washington Monument didn't hesitate to start yelling out their snarky and hilarious comments about him. 

"Someone start the timer!" 
"Don't screw this up, Biden!" 
"This guy is jazzed" 

Biden is well-known for his long-winded speeches and often off-key comments in public. Luckily he was well prepared for this speech. 

Wait, we spoke too soon. 

Apparently Biden has never used a microphone before. While all of the other speakers were able to use their inside voices, Biden left his at home. Or maybe someone forgot to inform him that the purpose of your microphone is to amplify your voice for you. What an invention. 

Not only was he yelling, but he was really jazzed. Like he still thought he had something to prove. You won, dude, settle down. We hope all of his vice presidential speeches are this exciting.