Note-leaving 'porch pirate' steals shit in most Minnesota way possible

Twitter: @sppdmn

Twitter: @sppdmn

A St. Paul robber is adding a dash of Minnesota nice to their Minnesota heists.  

In a series of tweets warning about so-called "porch pirates"—thieves who jack packages from porches and stoops—the St. Paul Police Department called out one agonizingly Minnesotan perpetrator. 

"It’s bad enough that we have to worry about people stealing our packages," the SPPD account wrote, posting the image you see above. "But now their leaving thank you notes? Ugh."


That particular package was swiped from the 800 block of Watson Avenue on Wednesday, the cops said, and authorities are working to arrest the "Scrooges" who did it. The Twitter thread, posted below, concludes with tips on how you can combat porch piracy. 

Not mentioned: the human cost of having packages delivered, as outlined in this essential HuffPo/ProPublica investigative piece about the regulation-dodging, pedestrian-endangering, worker-exploiting practices of Amazon's network of outsourced fleets. 

Anyway... happy holidays!