"Not the white man's bitch" Ieshuh Griffin runs for office again

Ieshuh Griffin on the Daily Show

Ieshuh Griffin on the Daily Show

Ieshuh Griffin, the woman who captured the attention of the nation for her controversial election slogan "Not the white man's bitch," is at it again. Griffin is running for not one, but--count 'em--two county seats.

Griffin wants to be county executive, the top elected dog of Milwaukee County--a lot like the mayor at the county level. And she also wants to be on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.


This election does not come with the option to write in a five-word statement of purpose. However, Griffin managed to work a catchy phrase into her election filings. The name of her fund-raising committee: The Poor People's Piece of the Pie Campaign Committee.


The two positions Griffin is seeking are not ones she can hold at the same time, according to Lisa Weiner at the County Election Commission's office. But so far in her short political career, Griffin has not been one to go for small potatoes.

Griffin made headlines last year when she ran as an Independent for the District 10 seat being vacated by Democratic Rep. Annette "Polly" Williams. Wisconsin state law allows candidates to use a five-word statement of purpose on the ballot to explain themselves.

Griffin's statement: "Not the whiteman's bitch."

Griffin put her slogan on her campaign literature and garnered a lot of media attention, including an appearance on the Daily Show, but that was about it. On Nov. 2, Griffin garnered only 7 percent of the vote, losing in a landslide to Democrat Elizabeth Coggs, a Milwaukee County Supervisor.

Ieshuh Griffin's campaign literature

Ieshuh Griffin's campaign literature

Now Griffin is seeking to fill Coggs' seat on the county board. Unless, of course, she lands the bigger, better job as county exec...

We left a message at Griffin's home telephone number to talk to her about her latest campaign, but she wasn't immediately available.