Not Quite Ready comment thread

class=img_thumbleft>Mike Mosedale's news story, Not Quite Ready for His Close-Up, examines the work of Dr. John F. Cragan (left), a University of St. Thomas communications professor who, along with Donald Shields of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, contends that federal prosecutors during the Bush administration have investigated Democratic officials seven times as often as Republicans. Mosedale examines the Minnesota contingent and finds the numbers questionable: "While it's possible [Mayor R.T.] Rybak was investigated, it's highly doubtful. Tom Heffelfinger was the U.S. attorney in Minnesota until his resignation last year. Under federal law, Heffelfinger says, he cannot comment on investigations that did not result in charges. But it doesn't take a scholar to read between the lines: 'Rybak should be pissed off,' Heffelfinger says. 'That's irresponsible for someone to publish something like that.'" Read the story here, then come back to discuss it.