Not over yet: Three men charged for RNC protest crimes


Think you were off the hook since the police haven't charged you for your involvement in the Republican National Convention protests in St. Paul 10 months ago? Think again.

There are new or amended charges against three men, filed last week, after a police investigation of the protests.

Two of the men face charges after a run-in with police September 1. They were part of a group of up to 50 people who were carrying large metal signs and charged police when they ordered them to stay away. They also allegedly threw rocks and other objects at police.

More from the Star Tribune:

Matthew M. Connell, 30, of Minneapolis, is accused of helping hold one sign and has been charged with aiding and abetting third-degree riot.

In an amended complaint, John W. Slavin, 27, of West Lafayette, Ind., is accused of possessing wrist rockets at the time of the clash and of picking up a gas munition tossed by police and throwing it back at officers. In addition, the complaint said, a search of a van registered to him was found to have additional wrist rockets, gas masks and other items.

Slavin also faces a gross-misdemeanor charge of aiding and abetting third-degree riot, plus two additional misdemeanor charges.

The third man, Jason A. Falk, 20, of Eagan, allegedly had a large nice when he was stopped by police September 4 near the state Capitol.