Not a good idea to drink and drive this month

This may sound like one of those ubiquitous "Over the Limit, Under Arrest" commercials, but cops in Minnesota really are stepping up enforcement and cracking down on drunk drivers as of late. About 400 agencies across the state are deploying extra officers to work overtime hours throughout the month. Funding comes courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

There's typically a spike in drunk driving-related deaths during December due to holiday revelry, according to a press release put out by the Hennepin Co. Sheriff's Department. Hence the crackdown's timing.

Not-so fun facts: One out of every eight Minnesotans has a DWI on their record, according to the department. Once you factor in insurance costs and legal fees, a DWI costs about $20,000 (ouch). You could argue that mass MADDness has sentimentalized the issue, thereby pushing our DWI laws to preposterous, draconian levels... but then you'd be an insensitive asshole.