Norwegian-Americans: Get wild on Norway reality TV!

Norwegian-Americans: Get wild on Norway reality TV!

We had trouble believing this was legit, but it appears to be true. Producers of reality TV in Norway are looking for Norwegian-Americans who have never been to Norway to

participate in a reality TV show in the country

It's going to get wild! Bring on the Vikings.

From the producers

"The Great Norway Adventure" is a fun new reality television series showcasing everyday Americans as they journey throughout Norway to discover their roots and cultural heritage. 

From May 1st through June 15th, 2009 a group of fun and outgoing Norwegian-Americans will travel to Norway and compete in "The Great Norway Adventure" to win a grand prize worth over $50,000.00. Participants will receive a daily stipend of $100.00 USD while in Norway. And they'll discover a new land and culture, and have an awesome adventure! 

To be able to participate you must: 
• Be of Norwegian heritage (even the smallest amount is more than enough) 
• Have never traveled to Norway. 
• Be between 18 and 60 years old.

We can envision it now: the Norwegians get a bunch of dumb Americans to travel back to their "homeland" and they'll be sure to feature the most naive and embarrassing of the bunch. They make them do ridiculous Norwegian things and then make fun of them for having no connection to our past. We'll be the laughing stock of Europe in no time. Or the show could be totally serious about your family's past and it will be so boring no one will really watch it. Take your pick. 

Still interested? Apply here.

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