Northern Minnesota "Spice" dealers charged $50 an ounce, charges say

It's cheap for a reason.

It's cheap for a reason.

An ounce of good weed will run you $300-$350 on the black market here in Minnesota. Believe it or not, it sounds like it'll cost you about the same on the legit market in Colorado after taxes are accounted for.

Looking for a cheaper high? You could try "Spice," a street name for synthetic cannabinoids, which according to a criminal complaint goes for as little as $50 an ounce in the rural Iron Range town of Taconite, Minnesota. But keep in mind there's some wisdom to the old cliché about getting what you pay for.

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For instance, check out the mugshots of the two guys -- 61-year-old David Thrasher and 53-year-old Kevin Leclair, a.k.a. "Flash" and "Rat" respectively, according to the complaint -- who were arrested in a Taconite home allegedly containing $3,200 worth of the stuff, a shit-ton when you remember how cheap it sells for:

Flash, however, might've been all bruised up for reasons other than drugs. The complaint notes that despite law enforcement's "multiple orders" demanding he hit the floor when cops showed up to execute a search warrant at Leclair's home late that night, he "continued to advance toward officers... and was forced to the ground." We can't imagine that was a gentle process.

In addition to well over three pounds of Spice, officers found 30 Adderall pills and a pipe with meth residue inside the home. Flash and Rat, both of whom have prior drug convictions, now face fresh fifth-degree controlled substance charges. Rat faces an additional felony charge of "sale of a synthetic cannabinoid," while Flash was hit with a misdemeanor obstruction charge.

And if you're looking for a real cheap high, consider that a woman who happened to swing by Leclair's home while the bust was happening reported that she pays $10 for a "dime bag" of Spice, which is equivalent to a quarter ounce. We doubt even Last Place on Earth could've beat those prices.

To read the criminal complaint for yourself, click to page two.


Flash and Rat Charges

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