Northbound I-35W closed this weekend in S. Minneapolis; don't let us give you ideas


If you're trying to use northbound Interstate 35W to get between Highway 62 and Interstate 94, you're out of luck. The stretch of freeway will be closed starting at 10 p.m. tonight and will reopen at 5 a.m. on Monday, July 20. Please find alternative routes.

We'd like to imagine that we can be a bad influence once in awhile. And what the heck, it's Friday, we're feeling wild, and it's summer time. Just ignore the temperature outside.

So in honor of the freeway closure this weekend, we present you Bike Ride on 35W. We're not exactly trying to give you a fun weekend activity because it's illegal, but it never hurts to imagine being a free-spirited and risk-taking kid for a day.

Check it out below.

First blast this St. Dominic's Trio song, "Bike Ride on 35W" while reading the first paragraph of this story.

Then watch this video with the sound off.

And flip back to that picture on the top of this post. If this doesn't make you want to live like a kid again, we don't know what will.

Happy Friday!