North Minneapolis man, 22, shot to death during attempted bike robbery


Jody Lynmarvin Patzner Jr. was delivering a plate of lasagna three blocks down the street to a needy neighbor Monday evening just after 8:30 p.m. when he was gunned down in the 3500 block of Fremont Ave. N.

He was shot to death after three boys demanded Patzner hand over his bike. A witness told the Star Tribune that the boys were "harassing [Patzner] and stuff," but said "he didn't give them no feedback or nothing."

The witness said, of the assailants: "They said 'give me your bike... give me your bike...' [then I heard] Pop! Pop!"

Patzner, 22, kept biking after being shot, but didn't make it far before collapsing in the street and dying as several neighbors rushed from their houses to see what was going on.

Sgt. Steve McCarty of the Minneapolis Police Department said police aren't releasing descriptions of the suspects at this time. "Investigators are investigating, and they've decided not to release that information," he said.

Patzner's stepmother, Tara Hesser, told WCCO she has already decided to move away from Minneapolis in the wake of the murder of her stepson, who she described as a "really good kid" who loved music, NASCAR, and football.

"I'm ready to move, this is it," she said. "I gave my notice today. I can't live here anymore."

Patzner's murder is the fourth homicide this year in Minneapolis. Three of them have occurred in north Minneapolis.

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