North Loop electrical fire: Beginning of blaze sounded like a missile strike [VIDEO]

No, Wisconsin wasn't firing rockets at us -- it was just an electrical fire.
No, Wisconsin wasn't firing rockets at us -- it was just an electrical fire.
Image by Tatiana Craine

Meg Brown was working at BKV Group's office at 222 North Second Street yesterday afternoon when she just happened to film the beginning of yesterday's North Loop electrical fire. She later uploaded the video to Facebook.

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As one Facebook commenter notes, the footage is some "scary end-of-world kinda shit!" While Brown films utility workers working on the street, an explosion that sounds like some sort of missile strike suddenly happens to her left. Meg then pans the camera and captures the beginning of the smoky blaze blaze emanating from a sewer. Finally, the footage cuts to rapid-fire, noisy explosions as black smoke engulfs the adjacent sidewalk.

Without further ado, here's Brown's footage:

Yesterday's fire wasn't the first man-made disaster to hit the north end of downtown this year. Early last month, contractors working on a development project at Hennepin Avenue and North 2nd Street nailed a 36-inch water main responsible for bringing water to much of the City of Lakes, disrupting water service and rush-hour traffic and flooding a portion of the North Loop.

Maybe it's God's weird way of saying he's displeased with "hipsters" as Forbes defines them or something?

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