North High School's days appear to be numbered


It was only two years ago that acting Superintendent Bill Green was touting North High School as "the first small specialty high school in Minneapolis. That means a commitment to keeping the school strong and viable for years to come."

Now we know that "years to come" means "2014."

Green's successor, Bernadeia Johnson, broke the news to North faculty on Friday, and parents over the weekend, that she's recommending the beleaguered school stop accepting freshman students. The students will about the plan in a meeting today.

If the school board follows her advice on Tuesday, North will close in three years.

No one can say they didn't see this coming, Greene's 2008 declaration notwithstanding.

Parents having been voting with their feet for years on their dissatisfaction with the school and its location in city's most troubled quadrant, sending their kids to neighboring schools in the suburbs, charter school or enrolling them in other Minneapolis high schools where space permits.

North now has just 265 students. The senior class to graduate in 2014 would number just 40. It's not economical to keep the facility open, and Johnson says the students are getting short-changed the longer the district labors to keep it alive.

It's not clear yet how the district would handle the kids who now don't have a neighborhood high school.

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