North Dakota Capitol reporters repeatedly warned about wearing revealing clothing

Scandalously clad reporters? Just another reason why NoDak is so damn sexy!
Scandalously clad reporters? Just another reason why NoDak is so damn sexy!
Image by Tatiana Craine -- Flickr photos from Jacrews7 and SashaW

We know it's sexy time all the time in Fargo, but you'd think things would be less hot and heavy in the Capitol pressroom in Bismarck.

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Nonetheless, North Dakota legislators are apparently especially concerned about Capitol reporters trotting around in revealing clothing. Twice this legislative session -- and despite no evidence that scantily clad ink-stained wretches have ever existed in Bismarck -- reporters have been warned to keep their sexy attire at home.

From an Associated Press rundown of last week's activities in North Dakota's phallic-looking Capitol:


In the Capitol pressroom, reporters have been informed for the second time this session that tank tops and tube tops will not be tolerated "without additional covering."

The rules issued by the North Dakota Legislature's Republican majority leaders and sergeants-at-arms also forbids reporters from going barefoot or intentionally displaying undergarments or bare midriffs.

Granted, most reporters aren't fashion plates but even the longest-tenured, grizzled journalists covering the Capitol can't recall such violations.

"Policies Governing Media In The Chamber" is posted prominently in the Capitol media room.

We bet you're shocked to learn that Republicans have supermajorities in both houses of NoDak's state legislature, aren't you?

-- h/t: Robin Marty --

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