Norm's got the eye of the (glass) tiger

If you're an 80s band from Scandinavia or Canada and have difficulty getting into the United States, Norm Coleman should be on your speed-dial. Yes, once again, our esteemed junior senator has assisted an aging hair band in getting their spandex and Final Net across the border. This time Glass Tiger, who's "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)" was a staple at Reagan-era proms, needed safe passage for a taping of "Hit Me Baby One More Time," where rock 'n' roll has-beens compete for another chance in the spotlight. Two Canadian members of the band, Samuel Reid and Wayne Parker, needed the approval notice from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to fly out of Toronto. Another band member, Alan Frew, a Brit, also needed the approval notice and an interview with U.S. immigration officials in Canada. Having previously helped Totta's Bluesband and The Guess Who with their visa troubles, Stormin' Norman cut through the bureaucratic tape to get Glass Tiger to the taping of the NBC show on time. Possibly unaware of their previous success on the pop charts, Sen. Coleman stated, "I am thrilled to have helped Glass Tiger obtain their visas. Everyone needs a chance to have their big break and I hope that this opportunity is it for the band."

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