Norm Coleman tells Joe Miller to quit the Alaska recount

Coleman to Miller: Quit.

Coleman to Miller: Quit.

Norm Coleman, who has learned a thing or two about recount math in recent times, says Alaska teabagger Joe Miller ought to realize he's lost his bid for a U.S. Senate seat and call off his lawsuit challenging the results.


Miller was the nobody anointed by Sarah Palin to run against incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska primary. He won, but Murkowski, a long-time Palin foe, staged an epic write-in candidacy and ended up tallying 10,300 more votes than Miller.

Coleman staged a marathon seven-month recount effort against Al Franken in the 2008 Minnesota Senate race, and ended up losing to the former SNL funny man by a mere 225. He told CSPAN he feels Miller's pain, but it's time to move on.

"I think at a certain point in time, you have to have some finality to these things. It should be time to move on. There's not much that you can gain by extending the process."

We wonder whether he's extended the same sage advice to Tom Emmer.