Norm Coleman still flirting with RNC chairmanship

The least aggressive campaign you've seen.

The least aggressive campaign you've seen.

Norm Coleman is seriously bringing the Minnesota Nice to backroom Washington politics.

Last summer, his name mysteriously started getting batted around as a possible replacement to the beleaguered Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steel.

But Coleman's fingerprints were nowhere to be found on that rumor, and when he was asked about it, he politely demurred. [jump]

Now the heat on Steele is going up, with many RNC committee members publicly saying they'd prefer anyone but Steele to head up the party.

But while other contenders, like Michigan's Saul Anuzis, are explicitly gunning for Steele's spot, Coleman is still playing the passive game. On Sunday, he told C-SPAN, "I am not here to do any battles with our chairman; he is a friend."

Okay! Question resolved, right? Well... wait a second: If Steele decides not to run?

"I would say with humility if there was an opportunity to help the party I would do that."

Steele hasn't said yet whether he plans to run again in January. If he doesn't, it looks like Minnesota's favorite loser may delicately propel his hat in the direction of the ring.