Norm Coleman says he wouldn't be rail thin if Pawlenty was president

If you needed another reason to support Gov. Tim Pawlenty's obvious run for president in 2012, former Sen. Norm Coleman just gave you an excellent one. It would save Coleman's health!

Ah yes, just the reason we needed. Coleman says he wouldn't be rail thin if Pawlenty ran things because he trusts Pawlenty on the issue of Israel. And since Coleman's weight is one of our top concerns, we now love Pawlenty.

If only we could make such claims for our favorite politicians! Starve until your candidate wins, folks.

Coleman made the comment this morning in Washington, D.C. while introducing Pawlenty to a group of Republican Jews at an AIPAC breakfast.

Here is the quote:

People ask me why I'm thin. It's because I worry a lot. But if Pawlenty was in charge, I'd never lose a night of sleep on the issue of Israel.

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