Norm Coleman rumored for Michael Steele's job, but can he match the flubs?

Could Norm Coleman stick his foot in his mouth as many times as Michael Steele? That's a big challenge.
Could Norm Coleman stick his foot in his mouth as many times as Michael Steele? That's a big challenge.

By now you've heard that former Sen. Norm Coleman is feeling out a challenge to GOP chairman Michael Steele. But Norm has big shoes to fill--Steele has spouted a fountain of gaffes during his tenure.

In February 2009, Steele told the Washington Times that the GOP needed to get its message out to "urban-suburban hip-hop settings," and that the party needed to "uptick our image with everyone, including one-armed midgets."

Later that month on an interview with ABC Radio, Steele called Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal "friggin' awesome" and offered him some "slum love."

Steele also clashed with Republican gasbag hero Rush Limbaugh. When Democrats called Limbaugh the de facto leader of the Republican party, Steele called him "incendiary" and "an entertainer" who can be "ugly." Later, he apologized to Limbaugh and explained that he didn't really mean all those mean things he said.

When his off-the-cuff comments drew fire from Republican leaders, Steele told Politico that the GOP critics were "nervous Nellies" and that he was actually holding his tongue. "If I told folks what I really thought, I'd probably be in a lot more trouble," he said.

Last December, photos released to Talking Points Memo showed Steele and his RNC interns having a little too much fun.

In April, a Minnesotan got a surprise when calling what he thought was a GOP phone number. Instead, he got connected to a phone sex line. The gaffe came the same week that it was revealed that a GOP operative tried to pass off a trip to a bondage strip club as a legitimate political expense.

This isn't the first time the Coleman-wants-to-replace-Steele rumor has been going. Last year, Politico reported the rumor that Coleman wanted the job. Coleman said it wasn't true.

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