Norm Coleman: mum's the word


Things keep getting worse for the Coleman campaign.

Just days before Election Day comes a pesky lawsuit filed in Texas that alleges Coleman's wife, Laurie, received $75,000 courtesy of "suitgate" chum Nasser Kazeminy. It surfaced Tuesday and was withdrawn yesterday. Still, not exactly the preferred topic of discussion on the stump for an incumbent marred by charges of quasi-cronyism.

At a campaign stop in a St. Cloud restaurant yesterday, reporters asked Coleman about the suit (lawsuit, that is). The senator didn't like that. Twasn't in the script. So after the staged event was over, Coleman--looking something like an accused cannibal emerging from trial--hightailed out the door and disappeared into an SUV, much to the vexation of swarming reporters, whose questions were ignored. "Why won't the senator answer any questions?" the Star Tribune's Paul McEnroe asked. "Will you roll down the window?" (Coleman wouldn't.)

Here's a clip of the duck-and-dodge, via MNPublius.

After the embarrassment, Coleman canceled his remaining campaign stops for the day... but then thought better of it. Campaign on! Praise the gods, we say. Let the circus resume.