Norm Coleman is poor just like you


While Norm Coleman waits to hear if he will get a second term as U.S. Senator, he took a second job with the Republican Jewish Coalition. Heck, he is poor just like you and me, his spokesman says! His wife's Blo & Go can only pay so many bills, after all.

More from the Pioneer Press:
"The Senator is not a member of the millionaires club and he has to earn a living," said Coleman spokesman Mark Drake. "We view this as something temporary. he's got two kids and he has a mortgage and he's got to earn a living." 
Coleman's mortgage, like much of his finances, have been an area of interest. He has refinanced his St. Paul home multiple times in the past few years.
The Minnesota DFL also responded to his new job announcement and said Coleman and RJC are longtime buds. 

From PiPress:
The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party says that RJC and Coleman have been tight for quite a while."The RJC has been taking care of Norm Coleman for years," the party said. 
The DFL party dossier includes Coleman taking seven RJC financed trips in the past six years, totaling about$13,300. Since 2003, the RJC has financed seven of Coleman's trips -- including the very first trip he took as a senator in 2003.