Norm Coleman could fight Reince Priebus for GOP leadership

Norm Coleman, who has been doing his will-he-won't-he dance for months now, appears to be one step closer to running for Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Today an anonymous "close source" told the press that Coleman is likely to run. The former Minnesota senator had initially said he wouldn't seek the position, out of deference to the current RNC Chair, Michael Steele.

But now that Steele is thought to be dropping out -- his support is waning by the day and he's scheduled an announcement to party bigwigs this evening -- Coleman sending ever stronger signals he intends to run.

Anonymous sources tell Politico Coleman's run for the top GOP position would tout his ability to bring in the money, and cite the fact that in 2008 he "was the best fundraiser of all the Senate candidates."

We'll let the Republicans decide whether they want a guy who's major selling point is his success in an election he famously lost.

If Coleman does ever pull the trigger on his candidacy, he'll be going up against a neighbor of sorts: Reince Priebus, the head of Wisconsin's GOP, declared his candidacy last week, and has lined up the support of Republican kingmakers like Haley and Henry Barbour.

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