Norm Coleman ad controversy: Was his wife spliced in?

Lots of people are saying that this new ad from Norm Coleman looks as if footage of his wife Laurie was spliced into footage shot separately of Norm:

To my eyes, it looks fake--you can almost see the dark outline around Laurie where they had to paste her in. Other giveaways: The darkness between the crook of her left elbow, and the perspective of the table (just how long and steep is that thing?).

Norm Coleman ad controversy: Was his wife spliced in?

This is all the more damaging because it's well known that Laurie lives in LA where she's trying to be a big star.

According to her husband's Personal Financial Disclosure (a document that U.S. Senators and candidates must fill out annually to disclose their financial interests), Laurie Coleman worked for Holster, Inc., a merchandising-supply company, in Los Angeles and Susan Bristol, Inc. in New York City in 2004 ... Coleman divides her time between Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

But Republicans can't say they didn't ask for it: After all, they made an issue of Al Franken's sex jokes in Playboy. It's only natural that the spotlight now falls on Senator Coleman's own curious relationship.

And Laurie Coleman didn't look so wholesome was she was posing in lingerie:

Norm Coleman ad controversy: Was his wife spliced in?

Hat-tips: Mn Indy, MnPublius, MnBlue

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