Non-Minnesotans need to STFU about Metrodome: Comment of the day

Mind your own damned Dome.

Mind your own damned Dome.

The collapse of the Metrodome roof spawned a blizzard of comments, some of which came from folks not tough enough to live here Up North on the tundra, but who never the less felt qualified to serve some scorn. One our commenters took umbrage:


Any of you who are not from Minnesota or have never lived here before should just stop commenting unless you have something positive to say. The Steelers are from Pennsylvania.....I might add that Pennsylvania does not reach below 0 degrees F so stop telling us all to "get over it," or "suck it up" because you have no idea how cold it gets every day here! Minnesotans are some of the toughest people I have ever met! Worrying about the roads being plowed in the morning before you have to go to work....then getting out there early in the morning to shovel yourself out so that you're not fired! You guys have no idea!! I couldn't tell you how many people we have gone out and helped get unstuck on your road because it is still not plowed! We live within five miles of downtown St. Paul.....and the roads still are not plowed???? This is serious stuff, we're not in any way being whimps....we live here every year because Minnesota is such a great place to live and we do "suck it up" because our state is awesome!