Nolan West's Facebook posts cost him his job with the state

Nolan West has resigned from his job with the state. Will he get another one?

Nolan West has resigned from his job with the state. Will he get another one?

 Nolan West's social media presence has changed this past week.

It no longer exists.

West, a Blaine-area candidate for legislative office, killed the Facebook account he'd used to post a bunch of  thoughts about Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama -- "IT'S LYNCHING TIME," West wrote on Twitter the day before Obama's first election in 2008 -- and his hatred of "feminazis," and something called "fagballs." He also quit Twitter. 

It's one of the only times saying "delete your account" has worked in the history of the internet.

Another shoe fell yesterday. The Republican resigned from his job with the House Republican caucus, ending a 21-month gig as a legislative aide. West's resignation from his state job was effective Wednesday, according to the Pioneer Press

West had worked for Rep. Tim Sanders, R-Blaine, the four-term Republican member whose seat West was trying to hold for the House GOP. 

This task was made infinitely trickier by West, whose former boss, House Speaker Kurt Daudt, was forced to condemn West's entire online persona, as did Republican Party of Minnesota chairman Keith Downey. 

Meanwhile, West's opponent, Susan Witt, a retired elementary school teacher, is suddenly very active on social media feeds. Witt's campaign posted yesterday that the negative national attention for her opponent has meant momentum for her: Thanks for all the donations, Witt wrote, including one from "as far away as Texas!" 

Witt's running as a contrast to West's new reputation, saying she'd run on a "message of civility, cooperation, and helping all people of Minnesota."

Who said Nolan West doesn't want to help the people of Minnesota? Why, just yesterday, West did us all a favor by quitting his job. 

When news of West's abominable Facebook history hit the web, the candidate said he'd removed the offensive posts, saying they "do not reflect who I am or what I believe." And maybe it's harsh to judge West for posts he made all the way back in 2008, when he was just an angry teenager.

So, for good measure, here's a couple things he posted last summer, when he was already working for the state of Minnesota, and less than a year before he'd win the Republican endorsement for a State House seat. 


Posts like these cost West one public job. We'll see if the people of Blaine feel like hiring him for another.