NoDak GOPer arrested for DUI; pot-possessing passenger's name pronounced "doob"

Sen. Joe Miller was busted with a 0.13 BAL and a passenger with a very fun last name.
Sen. Joe Miller was busted with a 0.13 BAL and a passenger with a very fun last name.

From the can't-make-it-up files:

On June 21, Republican North Dakota state Senator Joe Miller was arrested for DWI. (He pleaded guilty to alcohol-related charges last month.) Miller, 30, had open beers in his car and admitted to having about eight brewskis total that night. It was his second drinking-and-driving related arrest in the last six years, yet he's refused to resign from office.

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But the kicker to this story was revealed in a KFGO Radio report published today. According to court documents obtained by the station, Miller had a passenger in his car who had ganja and three pot-smoking devices on him. His name? Matthew Dub, with Dub pronounced "Doob."

Was there any chance poor Matthew wouldn't end up a stoner with a name like that?

But the complaint contains another Onion-worthy detail. From the KFGO report:

The complaint alleges Dub had three devices for smoking pot in his possession, plus some "green leafy material" that was later determined to be marijuana...

So, in other words, officers in Grafton, North Dakota initially couldn't tell the difference between marijuana and, say, parsley or other "green leafy" materials? Maybe there's a reason Minnesota officers go through DRE training after all...

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