Noah Graham, 16, shares crazy wolf attack story

Noah Graham really knows what it's like to be thrown to the wolves.
Noah Graham really knows what it's like to be thrown to the wolves.

Around 4 a.m. Saturday on the shores of Lake Winnibigoshish, Noah Graham became the victim of Minnesota's first documented serious wolf attack.

THE BACKSTORY: Wolf bites boy's head in Minnesota's first documented wolf attack [GRAPHIC PHOTO]

Thankfully, the 16-year-old lived and has already told his tale to the Bemidji Pioneer, which published an interview with Graham this morning.

Graham told the Pioneer waking up with a wolf chomping on him was "the worst pain of his life." He said he "had to reach behind me and jerk my head out of its mouth."

"After I got up, I was kicking at it and screaming at it and it wouldn't leave," he continued. "But then after awhile I got it to run away."

The wolf officials believe was responsible for the attack was killed nearby. Its body has been sent to the U of M for examination.

Here, as tweeted yesterday by Pioneer reporter Justin Glawe (Glawe also wrote up the Graham interview), is a photo of the grisly aftermath:

That wound looks nasty, but you know what sounds almost as bad? Getting a rabies shot right into the damn thing, as Graham had to endure after he was taken to an area hospital.

Here's an excerpt from the Pioneer piece:

There are a few possible explanations for the wolf's attack on a human: It occurred at a campground, where wild animals may be used to retrieving food from lazy campers; the wolf had a misaligned jaw and was missing a K9 tooth, making it harder to go after larger prey, [a DNR official] said; and finally, Graham's head, with his straight auburn hair, may have resembled smaller prey.

"I won't be sleeping outside again any time soon," he said.

Graham was talking with his girlfriend just before the wolf chomped. The bite came without warning.

"There was no sound at all. Didn't hear it. It was just all of a sudden there," he said. Graham defeated the wolf alone. His girlfriend fled ("she ran and got in her Jeep right away," he said), and two members of the camping party "slept through" the screaming, kicking and fighting.

Wait, so Graham's girlfriend ran and left her man to try to fend off the wolf on his own? Ouch. We feel for you in more ways than one, Noah.

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