No, the FBI is not investigating you for cyber crimes


Sorry, but your internet surfing is gonna have to get a whole lot weirder if you want this to be the scene outside your house. Wikimedia

The Minneapolis office of the FBI has issued a warning about a phishing scam targeting virtuous Twin Citians. (That would be you.)

The email, a fairly official-looking missive, purports to come from the agency’s Cyber Division, claiming that an “IP address registered on your name” has been used to “commit several online fraud and abuse crimes.” It askes the recipient to “contact our authorities urgently” with “information concerning this case” at a phone number provided.

By pertinent info, we’re guessing they mean the digits on your MasterCard.

The email doesn’t say what insidious acts have been committed. It also hints that you may be a “possible victim,” better to compel you to call and clear the whole matter up.

But the FBI says it didn’t send the email, and the agents listed therein don’t exist.

In other words, you can keep surfing those Japanese foot fetish sites. As a general rule, the agency doesn’t conduct investigations via mass email.


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