No one is buying Michele Bachmann's book


Michele Bachmann's new book has been on shelves for two weeks now, and that's apparently where it's staying.

"Core of Conviction" is a 224-page memoir and political manifesto, filled with half-truths and 109 exclamation points. Bachmann's been on a book tour since its release before Black Friday.

But the chance to meet Bachmann and gaze back into those crazy eyes hasn't been enough to inspire sales.

According to figures from Nielsen BookScan, which gets its numbers from major book retailers like and Barnes & Noble, Bachmann's life story has only sold 3,000 copies in two weeks. Nielsen says its numbers cover about 75 percent of the retail market for books, though it does not currently get figures from Walmart or Sam's Club.

On's "Best Sellers in Politics" list, "Core of Conviction" ranked 96th. Incidentally, the book was outpaced by Jesse Ventura's latest, which came in at 91st.

Not a total shock. Even when she was signing copies at the Mall of America in her home state, only 50 people turned up.

For our further amusement, we can only hope and pray that sales of "The Madness of Michele Bachmann" will blow "Core of Conviction" out of the water.

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