No drugs, but 296 stolen bras found during police sweep


When police are dealing with sketchy suspects, they really don't know what to expect. When police went to a Burnsville motel expecting to bust two suspects with all sorts of fun drugs, their mission turned more into an undergarment raid. Authorities found no drugs, but 296 stolen bras.

Police became suspicious of the couple when a police drug-sniffing dog alerted officiers to a car with Texas plates in the motel's parking lot, according to the Pioneer Press

Apparently a drug-sniffing dogs excitement, plus Texas plates and two people who paid for a room with cash is enough to make police suspicious of their intentions. Interesting. 

More from the PiPress:
According to charges, multiple plain-clothes officers knocked on Ortiz's motel room door. They explained to the two occupants that they were not under arrest and were not being detained. Ortiz and Malpartida gave the officers permission to search for evidence of drug trafficking, including "drugs, money and guns," according to the complaints. 
What the officers allegedly found were shopping bags lined with foil, empty duffel bags and various forged identification cards, including Peruvian passports bearing the couple's pictures but different names. Malpartida had two Puerto Rican driver's licenses, one of which had a different name. 
A subsequent search of their van uncovered four large lawn bags filled with adult and children's clothing, all of it with store tags and security devices still intact. Among the items were nearly 300 bras from Victoria's Secret. 
"We have a lot of bras here," said John Grant, agent in charge of the Dakota County Drug Task Force. He said it was not immediately clear where the items came from, though some had American Eagle Outfitters tags.
Juan Malpartida, 33, and Mercedes Ortiz, 41, both of Elizabeth, N.J. were charged for allegedly stealing $4,000 in clothing from local retailers.