No deck chairs in line for Sarah Palin at Mall of America

Sarah Palin, the former vice presidential candidate who traded in her job as Alaska's governor so she could make a mint with her memoir, "Going Rogue," is expected to draw a big crowd for her book signing Monday at the Mall of America's Barnes and Noble store.

How big? Let's just say that mall officials have told Palinistas they won't be allowed to camp out with deck chairs in the Rotunda while they wait in a potentially hours-long line to greet Mama Grizz.

Whether you want to praise her as the patriotic savior of the Republic, or call her out as an anti-intellectual embarrassment to all sentient beings, here's what you need to know for getting yourself a signed copy of Palin's book:

  • The line starts at 5 a.m. outside the mall's east entrance. Book signing is from noon to 4 p.m.
  • The line is for a wristband. To get a wristband, you have to have a copy of the book with proof that it was purchased from the mall's Barnes and Noble. Two books max per person.
  • No wrist band means no entry to the autograph/book signing line.
  • You can't have someone get you a wristband. You have to get in line like everyone else.The only thing Palin will sign will be her book: No memorabilia or other souvenirs will be allowed.
  • Did we mention that no chairs allowed in line? Yes, we did.
  • No bags will be allowed in line. That's right, no bags. Leave them in your car.
  • Forget about any up-close and personal photos. They won't be allowed.
  • A special needs signing area will be available for guests.

Other than that, hey, have a great time.