No charges filed in sexual assault at Chi Psi

No charges are being filed in one of of three reported sexual assaults at University of Minnesota fraternities in recent weeks.

"A thorough investigation" took place, which included interviewing both the man and woman involved, Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Bill Palmer told us today. "The evidence does not support criminal prosecution."

After drinking the night before, the 19-year-old woman woke up at Chi Psi injured and raped. She went to the hospital but was unable to remember what had happened to her.

The assault happened just a week after another woman was trapped in a bathroom at Delta Kappa Epsilon and nearly raped. A third woman was sexually assaulted days after the Chi Psi attack, after a Thursday night party at Phi Gamma Delta.

Palmer said that there simply wasn't enough evidence to move the Chi Psi case forward.

The other two assaults are still under investigation.

The rash of incidents has sparked a moratorium on alcohol at frat parties and a four-year suspension for Delta Kappa Epsilon.

As to whether or not he thinks people will be happy to hear about the decision, Palmer said, "We're not going to more forward with a criminal prosecution to appease people."

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